Shipping and Returns

The cost of shipping has been calculated automatically according to the weight of the items choosed. To know the cost of the shipping in advance you simply have to click on ESTIMATE SHIPPING button in the cart page. Once you agree and confirm, the buying order will be executed by our staff and the shipping will follow within 3 working days. You will be advised with an e-mail that the order has been accepted.


FRIZZONI LEATHER GOODS will accept returns only for goods that are not responding to the description on our web site. We want to make you attentive on the fact that our goods are artisanal made and some small imperfections are not to be considered as faults but due to the fact that almost every item is individually finished.


Customers who already have a PayPal account do not require the activation of a new registration account on our web site; in the payment phase they will simply have to click on the yellow button for quick cash PAY PAL to complete their purchase quickly moving directly on Pay Pal web site with encrypted information.